Just another Miserable Monday

So, I apologize but this is going to be a bit of a rant post. I started the day out feeling pretty upbeat. Little did I know I was about to go on an emotional roller coaster of a day. I hopped out of bed, feeling like a morning person even though I’m usually not. Since I really felt like reaching out to people today, I made sure I had my best funny whatsapp status up. Then I got ready and went out to face the day.

That’s when it all went wrong…

I tried to turn the keys in my engine and my car made this horrible screeching sound. Trying to keep calm I called my brother (he knows everything about cars), but as his phone rang and rang I cursed the heavens. He had meetings all day I remembered, and with a sigh left a message I quickly made my next phone call: work. This one was gonna be bad. As all my readers know, my work attendance has been spotty lately as I was having health issues these past three months.

The phone clicked as my work answered, and I knew this was going to be a problem. I tried to explain to them, but they wouldn’t listen. I told them that they cannot hold my time out against me when it is for medical reasons, and this was the only time I’d tried to call out otherwise. Surprise surprise, they weren’t listening. So I resigned myself to trying to find a way to get to work in the next half hour or be fired. How had things gone so wrong so quickly?

I tried calling everyone I knew for a ride, but most everyone I knew was either already at work or on their way themselves. I didn’t have any money for a cab-not if I wanted to eat. I started to cry when suddenly my phone chirped. It was a whatsapp message from my brother: Hey. I got your message. I’ll be out of this meeting in 10. Walk down here and I’ll take you to work…btw that’s a funny whatsapp status ”And just like that my life was saved. The rest of the day was still pretty miserable with my boss yelling at me because I was still ten minutes late. At least I still have a job. And an awesomely funny whatsapp status. If you want to know what it is though, you’ll have to get the app.

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Why Whatsapp Became So Popular?


Well, There are several reasons behind the popularity of whatsapp, one of the biggest reason is the unique idea of the application and fusing whatsapp calling, emojis, and chat with many several other features. Whatsapp was launched in 2009 on Android Platform and iphone initially, lately joined by windows phone, Nokia S10 and Blackberry, but it started to gain its users in 2011, whatsapp application uses compressed data i.e. it consumes less data, which became popular amongst the slow or 2g internet users, there are almost 4 billion internet users all around the world and more than 3 billion users doesn’t have a high speed data connection or high speed internet broadband connection, in many countries in the world doesn’t even have a good broadband connectivity or 3g data services. So the main reason behind the massive success of whatsapp was low data consumption and providing better services on  a slow internet. Before whatsapp there were applications like viber, skype, MSN, iMessage but as you know they required a decent or high speed data connection. So, we can say the main reason behind the huge popularity of whatsapp is low consumption of data and its works very well even on a slow internet connection.

Now, quickly have a glimpse on other reasons too, As we know whatsapp is available in many languages, so it became very easy for a user of Brazil, or Mexico to use the application in their comforting languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, French and many more, now user can also update their whatsapp status in 333 Frases Para Status.

As we know whatsapp keep on updating its User Interface, smileys, emojis, every couple of week. Whatsapp also keeps on adding new features to its application very frequently which also played a very important role in huge success and popularity of whatsapp. You know whatsapp the best part I like about whatsapp? That is we can update whatsapp status in any language we want we can update 333 Frases Para Status, there is no additional requirement or script needed to update or write statuses in any language. We can also send messages in whichever language we want without any add ons or hassle, in whatsapp we can do it very easily.